Live to Fight

Not a single soul in the wild, cheering crowd of several thousand spectators saw the crippling fear in Ari’s eyes. All they saw was a new, young gladiator ready to fight to a bloody death in his very first match. The gladiator stood on the sandy floor of the arena, some areas spotted dark with... Continue Reading →

Honey Bunch

             I’ll cut right to the chase: my husband, Logan, is a terrible secret keeper.             Somehow, someway, secrets always spill from his mouth faster than our cat can run into the kitchen at the sound of the cat food can being opened. Any holidays that involve surprises, birthdays, anniversaries,... Continue Reading →


The sand was scorching underneath the blazing sun, but Cynetta was too hungry and too determined to care. The pirate barely noticed the burning on her calloused feet as she walked down the beach towards the crystal blue ocean sparkling in the sunlight. In any other circumstance, it would’ve been a lovely sight. But it... Continue Reading →

Reunited – Microprose Challenge

The beach was quiet. Perfect for summoning a lost friend. Sagar stood in the rippling foam, his eyes closed while the breeze tossed his shaggy hair. After muttering an old incantation, the pirate felt the current hasten around him. It finally worked. Opening his eyes, Sagar smiled. Rising from the waves, the old sea dragon... Continue Reading →

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